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"you Can Be High In Life Without Actually Being Physically High," Says Cbd And Marketing Expert Sarah Remesch

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After graduating from The New School with a masters in Media Management, Sarah Remesch founded a marketing agency called 270M that specializes in creative services, social media strategy, and branding for both luxury and cannabis based businesses, writes Emily Berkey. Though she works in the cannabis space and has a front row seat to the multitude of ever-changing products on the market, Sarah found herself frustrated by her inability to find a CBD product she felt comfortable using, so she set out to create one herself — New Highs CBD. 

On a mission to make a wellness-focused product, Remesch focused on sourcing high-quality oils — no herbicides, pesticides, added scents or flavoring. Remesch sourced her full-spectrum CBD oil (which means it contains all of the cannabinoids of the hemp plant, not just CBD) from Oregon, a state with stringent hemp standards and regulation policies surrounding extract and oil purity. And so, from her home in New York City, Remesch created her dream CBD product to help quell anxiety, promote relaxation, and fill a void she found on the market.  Now, not only does Sarah use her product, but her parents are utilizing it, too. 

We met up with Remesch during one of her recent visits to Los Angeles and discussed the birth of New Highs CBD through a marketing lens, what advice she has for entrepreneurs wanting to create their own cannabis-based product, what actions she’s taking at her companies to diversify the cannabis space, and how she and her marketing firm navigate the ever-changing legal climate surrounding marijuana from a city, like New York, where adult use cannabis is not yet legal. 

Source: https://420intel.com/articles/2019/09/09/you-can-be-high-life-without-actually-being-physically-high-says-cbd-and

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