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Will Summer Give These Two Marijuana Stocks The Boost That They Need?

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Will Summer Give These Two Marijuana Stocks The Boost That They Need?

2020-05-22 Marijuana News 420 Intel

As Summer fast approaches, it seems as though gains are continuing to enter into the cannabis industry. Prior to this month, the coronavirus was doing a great job wreaking havoc on marijuana stock prices. But in the past few weeks, we have witnessed some real positive sentiment enter into marijuana stocks. While part of this is due to increased demand for marijuana, the other part seems to be that investors are becoming more and more comfortable with investing in a coronavirus stricken world. Given that this virus has been taking a toll on the cannabis industry for some time, enough time may have gone by to allow things to calm down. We have continued to witness investors trading off of fear rather than intrinsic value. But recently, it seems as though cannabis stocks are beginning to push toward the next few years as opposed to the short term. Often times, cannabis traders were working off of the short term prospects rather than the long term potential of the industry overall. These two marijuana stocks are smaller than the largest pot stocks by market cap, but they do have quite a lot of potential. Because of this, many believe that these are two interesting marijuana stocks to watch.

A Leading Vertically Integrated Marijuana Stock

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