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Wilfred Creator Jason Gann On Pivoting Into The Cannabis Market

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Wilfred Creator Jason Gann On Pivoting Into The Cannabis Market

Creator and star of surreal TV show “Wilfred” Jason Gann talks about his journey into the cannabis space.

byAndrew Ward

January 12, 2021

Courtesy of Wilfred Cannabis



Much of the cannabis community knows Jason Gann as the star of the hit TV show Wilfred. The show, which had successful productions in Gann’s native Australia and later in the U.S., is lauded by its fanbase for its dark comedy and surrealist storylines. Many episodes often focused on mental health and cannabis, creating one of the more original programs in recent memory. The U.S. iteration, which starred Elijah Wood alongside Gann, did not receive awards like in Australia. However, the series did run four years on the FX network, garnering throngs of fans, many of whom say the show helped them through their dark moments. 

The conclusion of the U.S. show in 2014 saw Gann wind down his performing career to focus on writing projects for film and TV. Four or five pitches resulted in mostly frustration. A metaphorical prisoner to the Australian and American entertainment industries, Gann felt trapped in a city he might not otherwise choose to live in. 

He wanted a change but hadn’t found his calling just yet. He would soon find out that a natural next step was right under his nose. 

Finding Opportunity In Pot And Past Success

Source: https://hightimes.com/celebrities/wilfred-creator-jason-gann-pivoting-cannabis-market/

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