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Which States Allow Medical Cards Out-of-state?

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If you have found yourself wondering, ‘?’ you would not be alone. You may have one, you may have both, or alternatively, you may have neither a medical card nor a medical marijuana card. In some quarters, there has been debate about the necessity of each and if having one warrants getting the other. There are, of course, benefits of each card, but you cannot substitute one for the other as they are very different entities. To eliminate any confusion, we took a further look into both a medical card and a medical marijuana card and which States prohibit them from providing some clarification for our readers. 

Not all MMJ states accept out-of-state medical marijuana cards.

Trying to buy legal, medical cannabis with an out-of-state MMJ card isn’t straightforward. Less than half the states where marijuana is legal, have an official reciprocity program up and running. Your card is not mandatory in states with recreational sales, but the purchase and possession limits are almost always going to be lower than what you’re accustomed to. It is recommended to call ahead and do plenty of accurate and up-to-date research to confirm with the dispensary you intend to use. This will save time, stress, and potentially money too if oy plan ahead rather than presume or leave it to chance. 

What are the uses and advantages of having a medical card?

Source: https://www.lacannabisnews.com/which-states-allow-medical-cards-out-of-state/

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