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What’s New With Cannabis Stocks For The Week Ending 01/15/21 €“ New Cannabis Ventures

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Capital raising and M&A remained on the front-burner. Michigan December cannabis sales rebounded sharply. Health Canada added 5 new licenses. 420 Investor model portfolios kept up with a roaring market. Review

M&A continues to be a big theme as we start the year. Four large MSOs sold stock, three without warrants and all at small discounts to the recent closing prices. Michigan December cannabis sales bounced back from weak November results, with the state generating total cannabis sales of $985 million in the year.

Health Canada data suggested that the dried flower inventory overhang got a bit worse in October. Health Canada added 2 new licenses this week, leaving the total, including the expired license of Toronto Research Chemicals, the suspended license of Ten-10 Ventures and the revoked licenses of BC Tweed (2), FV Pharma and Zenalytics Laboratories, at 576, which excludes the revoked licenses of Agrima, Alberta Green Biotech, Bloomera, Hexo’s 4th site, Maricann’s 2nd site, Medican Organic’s 2nd site and a small processing facility that belonged to Canopy Growth, the expired license of Evergreen Medicinals, two transferred licenses held formerly by James Wagner, a license previously held by Total Cannabis Solutions and the voluntarily cancelled license of Avalite Sciences.

During the week, I shared these insights with subscribers at 420 Investor:

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