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What Next Steps To Take If Your Cat Eats Cannabis By Accident

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If you have owned a pet cat like me, you would know how much love we give our pets.

If they were to accidentally eat some cannabis, we would want to do something about as soon as possible to help our cats out!

Don’t confuse catnip with cannabis as they are not the same thing. As for cannabis, there is also a difference when you buy CBD Oil VS THC products as well.

Even though catnip can help your cat become more happy, it is crucial they do not eat them as it could lead to the opposite effect that you desire.

This is the same as cannabis, where it can cause some negative side effects to your pet cats.

In today’s article, you will learn in simple steps what to do if your pet cat takes marijuana by accident and how to prevent it!

Catnip and Cannabis 

In all honesty, catnip and cannabis share at any rate a couple of things for all intents and purposes.

Beginning from Europe, Asia, and Africa, catnip is a spice from the mint family, however now becomes essentially wherever like a weed, and is regularly utilized in nurseries since it repulses creepy crawlies and is dry spell lenient.

The inebriating compound in catnip is nepetalactone, an energizer that is thought to deliver a high for the feline, much like cannabis for people.

Catnip acts in a feline’s cerebrum much like cannabis intensifies THC and CBD do, by officials to receptors that enact various regions of the mind that control feeling and conduct.

Like people, felines have an endocannabinoid framework (ECS), which assumes a part in the guideline of numerous physiological frameworks, similar to development and coordination, state of mind, hunger, rest, and safe reaction.

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