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This Week In Cannabis Investing August 2nd

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This Week in Cannabis Investing August 2nd

2019-08-02 TSI Editor The Seed Investor

This week marks a shift in editorial content at The Seed Investor. Going forward, the focus will be on significant developments in the cannabis industry, major news surrounding individual companies – and analysis around these events. Less focus will be given to individual company releases.

Monday, The Seed Investor started the week with three new items. We noted with concern the decision by California’s government to attempt to “stamp out” its cannabis black market, In other words, relying upon failed policy. We pointed out that Colorado had already shown states how to reduce the black market – with its Capitalist Solution.

The Seed Investor looked at cross-state cannabis shopping. A new cannabis retail store opened on the Oregon-Idaho border, in cannabis-legal Oregon. Idaho residents (where strict Prohibition still reigns) immediately began flocking there to shop. That’s more cannabis revenues and cannabis taxes for Oregon – while Idaho gets nothing from this commerce. The Seed Investor asked the question: is economics going to force reluctant state governments to legalize cannabis sooner rather than later?

As Canada’s retail cannabis sales soar and Phase 2 of legalization approaches, The Seed Investor covered the appointment of a retail sector heavy-hitter as the new President of Choom Holdings (CAN: CHOO / US:CHOOF). Corey Gillon cut his teeth at Walmart, leading the company’s Western Canadian retail operations. Gillon then moved to iconic clothing retailer, Aritzia. There he served as Senior Vice President of the Retail Division.

Source: https://theseedinvestor.com/cannabis-focus/this-week-in-cannabis-investing-august-2nd

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