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This Ohio Man’s Amateur Attempt To Conceal The Cannabis Smell In His Car Failed Miserably, Say Police

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An Ohio man is likely wishing he had adopted a slightly more sophisticated technique for covering up the smell of his weed stash after his arrest earlier this month.

On July 9, Broadview Heights Police say they spotted a grey Jeep Compass speeding. An officer subsequently pulled over the vehicle, according to the department’s blotter. When confronted by the officer about his disregard for local speed limits, the driver responded sheepishly, saying “it’s my bad,” and appeared nervous.

According to police, that’s when they noticed a very strong smell of cologne emanating from the passenger side of the car — a common sign that something fragrant is being concealed. Police asked the driver if he was in possession of cannabis, and the driver  —who reportedly avoided eye contact — denied that there were any drugs in the vehicle.

A police K9 officer on the scene indicates otherwise.

Upon searching the vehicle, police discovered a “small” bag of cannabis, quantity unspecified, as well as a dab pen, a pipe and rolling papers.

The driver has been cited for possession of drug paraphernalia, speeding and drug abuse — the latter of which is a blanket charge in Ohio for a smorgasboard of drug-related offenses involving the manufacturing,  sale, distribution or possession of any illicit drugs. Police did not indicate that the man had recently consumed the cannabis in his possession, and he is not facing charges involving drug driving.

Source: https://www.thegrowthop.com/cannabis-news/this-ohio-mans-amateur-attempt-to-conceal-the-cannabis-smell-in-his-car-failed-miserably-say-police

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