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The Budding Potential Of Cannabis Extraction In Europe

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“There’s a huge developing market in Europe, which has created a lot of intellectually fascinating and potentially highly disruptive new technologies,” says Dr Chris Cordier, the passionate head of chemistry research at Grow Biotech, PLC, a biotechnology company developing innovative solutions to challenges within the medical cannabis space.

Providing an exclusive insight into his chemical research expertise, Cordier will be a speaker at Analytical Cannabis’ 2019 Europe Expo, which will take place in London, UK on the 12th of November. In anticipation of the event, Analytical Cannabis caught up with Cordier to discuss the cannabis extraction industry in Europe, specific extraction challenges that are currently prominent, and the future of European extraction. European cannabis extraction When compared to the US and Canadian cannabis industries, Europe is still very much in the infancy stage. But that doesn’t mean the possibilities aren’t there.

“I think there is enormous potential in Europe to expand beyond the now-conventional platforms of ethanol, hydrocarbon, or supercritical CO2 extractor paradigms,” explains Cordier.

“The ability to degrade plant matter in a manner that releases bioactive molecules more effectively, to apply engineering solutions to the scale-up of extraction systems, and the complete re-thinking of concepts such as the need for pre-extraction drying protocols are some of the impressive developments I’ve seen in the European extraction industry,” he continues.

Source: https://www.analyticalcannabis.com/articles/the-budding-potential-of-cannabis-extraction-in-europe-311941

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