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The Best Hoban Minute Podcast Episodes On Investing In Cannabis

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The Best Hoban Minute Podcast Episodes on Investing in Cannabis

There’s been a sentiment that has been echoed by many guests on The Hoban Minute, especially as it relates to the impact of COVID-19 on cannabusinesses around the world – “cash is king.” In addition, there has been a large focus on the increased need for consolidation and cooperation in the industry, now more than ever. 

Here are some of the best Hoban Minute episodes on investing in cannabis.

What Coronavirus Means for Cannabis Investment

Bob and Eric consider opportunities for investors in a market downturn and how investment in the global cannabis industry will be affected by COVID-19 with Benzinga’s Senior VP of Corporate Partnerships, Patrick Lane. 

Opportunities for Cannabis Investment in a Down Market

Bob and Eric discuss whether or not this economic downturn will accelerate consolidation in the cannabis industry and the history of North American cannabis investment with Former Managing Director of Phyto Partners, Brett Finkelstein. 

What COVID-19 Has Revealed about the Cannabis Market

Bob and Eric explore the recent performance of marijuana stocks and consumer behavior and what’s on the horizon for the international cannabis market with author, Forbes contributor, CEO of El Planteo, and Managing Director of Benzinga Cannabis, Javier Hasse. 

Post-COVID Cannabis Investment

Bob and Eric study the lucrative opportunities for investors, how the cannabis investment landscape has evolved over the last six years, and how Viridian tracks all 12 sectors of the industry with the president and founder and Viridian Capital Advisors, Scott Greiper. 

Source: https://hoban.law/2020/08/the-best-hoban-minute-podcast-episodes-on-investing-in-cannabis/

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