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Tezos 'delphi' Upgrade Makes It More Attractive For Defi Projects; Reducing Gas Price By 75%

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Tezos has completed the Delphi upgrade, which many believe would make the blockchain a hub for defi projects. As per the official announcement, the Delphi upgrade has brought down the gas fees significantly, allowing users and developers to deploy more complex smart contracts on the platform.

Welcome to Delphi! 🏛️#Tezos upgraded at block 1,212,417. pic.twitter.com/XjnQmAefjN

— Tezos (@tezos) November 12, 2020

The Delphi upgrade is believed to bring down the gas fee by a whopping 75% along with a four-times lower storage cost.

Tezos network makes use of gas just like Ethereum, but with a different implementation. While the Ethereum blockchain uses gas as a transaction fee, the Tezos network uses it as a limit setter for the consumption of computing power for a transaction. However, the transaction cost is determined by the amount of gas used for that transaction.

Gabriel Alfour, the lead developer at Marigold—and one of the core development teams that worked on Delphi, explained the importance of the lower gas fees and how it can propel the Tezos network to be a leading blockchain when it comes to the deployment of complex smart contracts. He said,

The motivation for such an interim proposal is straightforward. The size and complexity of smart contracts is limited by gas constraints, and so people attempting to build contracts with rich functionality have needed improvements to those constraints for some time.

Source: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/tezos-delphi-upgrade-makes-it-more-attractive-for-defi-projects-reducing-gas-price-by-75/

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