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Square Welcomes Cbd Sellers, Pennsylvania Lawmaker Introduces Cannabis Legalization Bill: Week In Review

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More than once in my time at Farma—the nation’s first dispensary to focus on phytochemical data and not the indica/sativa dichotomy—a customer would slink away to the corner of the store to check out what Leafly had to say about a particular “strain.”

The website’s model of simplifying complex phytochemistry into broad categorizations of indica, sativa and hybrid was extremely accessible and helped consumers feel like they were taking the guess work out of tough choices. Of course, this model also left out important variables—namely, the unique chemical makeup of each individual batch of flower that helps predict both therapeutic and experiential outcomes. This week, Leafly launched a sweeping overhaul of that old convenient but over-simplified system.

Taking a cue from countless studies and industry leaders who have long advocated for phytochemical data over broad and inaccurate categorizations, Leafly has designed a new system to help consumers visualize the “ingredients” that make up unique chemical profiles in cannabis: the Cannabis Guide. 

Source: https://www.cannabisbusinesstimes.com/article/week-in-review-september-30/

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