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Solvents In Canada's Legal Cannabis Extracts - Latest Cannabis News Today

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Ever since the legalization of cannabis in Canada, a list of permitted solvents has been provided to producers. The maximum residual limits for 36 solvents allowed in extracts have not changed, unlike the 96 pesticides restricted for cannabis cultivation, which has seen a recent shift. Each solvent has an allowance of 5000 ppm in cannabis extracts in Canada.

At a glance, the permitted solvents might seem confusing even to those that are knowledgable in regular extract production. Solvents like ethanol, CO2, and butane do not raise concerns for caution. A search deep into the web will even lead people to learn about Methyethyl Ketone (MEK) hash. Substances like Triethyl Amine and Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) might appear more alien, though. Solvents used in Canada’s legal cannabis extracts do not just extract, they also synthesize and isomerize. These will be explained later throughout this new series on solvents, but perhaps, for now, we should just stick with the basics.



Source: https://cannabislifenetwork.com/cannabis-extracts-solvents/

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