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Six Ways To Prevent Disease In Cannabis Plants

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Six Ways to Prevent Disease in Cannabis Plants

Submitted by Marijuana News on Fri, 04/16/2021 - 10:15

British Columbia’s Ministry of Agriculture recently released a fact sheet describing the symptoms and spread of the most common diseases affecting cannabis plants. The list includes Fusarium, Pythium, Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, and Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd). Many of the pathogens cause stunted growth as well as reduced yield and potency. Others, such as pythium can cause plant death.

Needless to say, cultivators should do everything they can to prevent infections and ensure a fruitful harvest. The fact sheet concludes with several recommendations for preventing disease in cannabis plants, including:

Maintain a clean and sanitary environment Maintain proper humidity and temperature Treat irrigation water Identify and remove diseased plants Plant disease-resistant cultivars Use disease-free planting stock or cuttings Maintain a clean and sanitary environment

All the plant pathogens described in the fact sheet can be spread through contaminated equipment, tools, and potentially staff and visitors. That is why maintaining clean and sanitary growing facilities can minimize the potential spread of pathogens.

Source: https://420intel.com/articles/2021/04/16/six-ways-prevent-disease-cannabis-plants

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