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She Set Out To Open An Inclusive Community-focused Cannabis Store. After 10 Months Of Delays, Her Spot Is Finally Opening

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She set out to open an inclusive community-focused cannabis store. After 10 months of delays, her spot is finally opening

By Staff Reporter Fri., Oct. 16, 2020 timer2 min. read

It took 10 months — but GreenPort Cannabis has received a retail store authorization and can finally open its doors to the public.

Vivianne Wilson, the store’s founder, told the Star she received final approval to move ahead on Sept. 28. The process of being approved meant waiting in a state of limbo, she said.

“I was waiting, and then there was no guarantee I was going to get it,” Wilson told the Star. “There was no communication (or) confirmation I was going to get it and there was a chance of my licence being delayed.”

Wilson’s aim is to establish an inclusive community-focused cannabis retailer in Toronto.

“We’re not just opening another store,” she told the Star in July. “We’re creating a community where everyone can feel welcome,” while celebrating the history of the plant and those who “introduced it to the world.”

She felt the application process often kept her in the dark about next steps and whether she was able to move to the next stage of the application.

Over the past 10 months, Wilson feared she’d need to shutter the store before it even had a chance to open its doors.

After receiving a retail operator licence, Wilson had to apply for a retail store authorization — meaning she couldn’t operate, despite having entered a lease agreement and going through the necessary renovation process to implement required security features. For months, the store has sat ready for final approval, but Wilson has had no opportunity for revenue.

Source: https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2020/10/16/she-set-out-to-open-an-inclusive-community-focused-cannabis-store-after-10-months-of-delays-her-spot-is-finally-opening.html

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