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School Won’t Allow Cannabis-based Nasal Spray, So Teen With Epilepsy Pleads Case At Colorado Capitol

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A state lawmaker is taking up the fight of a Douglas County teenager whose school district, he says, is discriminating against him. Sen. Chris Holbert shared Ben Wann’s story on the Senate floor.

The teen has epilepsy. If he has a seizure, the only drug that could save his life is a cannabis-based nasal spray. Ben’s mom, Amber Wann, says she couldn’t get to her son’s school, Mountain Vista High School, in time and, she says, he’s deathly allergic to the medicine on ambulances.

The family begged the Douglas County School Board to let volunteers at school keep and administer the nasal spray. It refused.

In desperation, the family sued the district for discrimination.

– Read the entire article at CBS News.

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Source: https://www.cannabisculture.com/content/2020/01/15/school-wont-allow-cannabis-based-nasal-spray-so-teen-with-epilepsy-pleads-case-at-colorado-capitol/

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