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Safety Measures To Take When Using A Glass Bong During Covid-19

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Covid-19 has changed our lives in many ways, from cleaning our hands to wearing a mask and maintaining social distance. We need to take various sorts of measures to protect ourselves as well as others. Similarly, the way we used to party and the way we now do it has also changed.

Pre-covid was the time to do everything fearlessly, meet friends, exchange hugs, and party hard. But now the scenario needs something else, you can party now as well but there are some precautionary measures that need to be taken, such as maintain a distance, try to wear a mask when you are not eating or drinking, do not share the same bong, yes you heard it right! Sharing bongs during COVID-19 can increase the chances of getting infected. This is not the only measure that you need to take, there are plenty more. Scroll down.

Do not use the same bong

The foremost thing to note is that, don’t share the same bong. This infectious disease is highly contagious and can infect the other person as well. So, it is advisable not to share the same bong, try to keep a few glass bongs in stock so that every person gets its own. As a party host, it’s your responsibility to take safety measures and make it a mandate that nobody will smoke from the same bong. This way you can protect everyone from the spread of this disease yet can enjoy it with your friends.

Clean your glassware

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