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Rutgers Libraries Launch €œmarijuana Research Guide” In The Wake Of Legalization

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As New Jersey prepares to become the first state in the NYC metro region to legalize marijuana, Rutgers University Libraries have been preparing by putting together the university’s first Marijuana Research Guide.

The Center spoke with professor Judit Hajnal Ward, a research librarian and Alcohol and Substance Use liaison at Mabel Smith Douglass Library. Professor Ward talked about the need for a topic-specific collection of marijuana research at New Jersey’s state university.

“If you search BY OWNER, you’ll see that each librarian created several guides to meet the needs of a particular department, program, or course,” Ward said “A thematic guide, such as the Marijuana Research Guide, is a little bit different.”

A thematic guide allows anyone with a NetID to access a wide body of cannabis-related publications from multiple academic and government institutions. Medical studies, historical archives, and cultural works can all be found at https://libguides.rutgers.edu/marijuana/.


Ward said equal access to reliable information on the subject is absolutely critical during a massive social and cultural shift such as marijuana legalization.

“That’s why I chose to collaborate with other librarians so that users should be able to get started at a one-stop shopping place to find what they are looking for,” Ward said. “Additionally, the details of legalization and the subsequent questions in the various areas it affects are yet to be seen.”

The first few tabs follow the pattern of regular research guides: how to find books, articles, videos, data, and government documents. Learning from her colleague’s experience in Colorado, California, and Washington States, Ward instructed her team to add  a New Jersey-specific tab. It lists the local resources and current status.

Source: https://cannabislaw.report/rutgers-libraries-launch-marijuana-research-guide-in-the-wake-of-legalization/

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