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Review: Lizzie Post's Beginner's Guide To Cannabis, Higher Etiquette € High Times

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When I heard that Emily Post’s granddaughter was writing an etiquette manual for cannabis I was super interested. Putting the clout of the family name behind the cannabis industry felt like a huge step forward in normalizing consumption past the super stoner persona. 

At 179 pages, Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties (published by Ten Speed Press) feels just accessible enough to keep around to reference when you’re in a new cannabis situation. The cover, art, size, look, and feel are perfect. 

I went into this reading sesh with the same excitement as if I were smoking a new strain. That buzz left me quickly as I began to pitter through the first third of Higher Etiquette. 

Courtesy of Penguin Random House The Good, The Bad, And The Hazy

One would assume that if buying a book on cannabis etiquette that one would be decently familiar with cannabis. Reading the blurb and introduction didn’t prepare me for page after page of menial cannabis terminology and facts. If I had wanted a guide to understand the plant— grow methods and products that can be made from cannabis—I would have read Ed Rosenthal. 

The section describing three prominent terpenes and the effects of those terpenes turned me off completely. Everyone has their own body chemistry. No one can assume to know what will happen when I ingest any strain regardless of its chemical makeup.

That aside, Post delivered exactly what I expected for the rest of the book. A comprehensible beginner’s guide to the world of cannabis etiquette. I found some really great ideas inside for hosting friends, setting house rules, and being a bit “brunch fancy.”

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