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Palliative Care: The Next Big Market For Medicinal Cannabis

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Palliative Care: The Next BIG Market for Medicinal Cannabis

2019-10-07 TSI Editor The Seed Investor

Cannabis continues to break new ground, almost on a daily basis, as a treatment for an increasing number of medical conditions. What is sometimes forgotten now is how cannabis first became accepted as a medicinal therapy.

This was as a medicinal aid for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer. Cannabis is an extremely effective anti-nausea medication. It is also a well-known appetite stimulant.

Both of these properties can literally mean the difference between life and death for cancer patients undergoing these brute-force medical treatments. Simply surviving the chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy itself is a critical factor as these treatments (hopefully) kill the cancer before they kill the patient.

Even for the cancer patients who do not survive, medicinal cannabis at least reduces the suffering from those treatments. We also now know that cannabis helps to relieve the pain that many cancer sufferers must also endure.

Beyond being a medicine, cannabis has therapeutic health-promoting properties in other areas as well. It reduces anxiety. It helps people sleep. For all of these reasons, cannabis represents the ultimate medicinal therapy for palliative care.

Relieves nausea. Stimulates appetite. Eases pain. Promotes relaxation. Reduces anxiety. Improves sleep.

For terminally ill patients, which of these health-promoting properties are important/highly desirable? All of them.

Source: https://theseedinvestor.com/cannabis-focus/palliative-care-the-next-big-market-for-medicinal-cannabis

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