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Nfl Players Can Smoke Marijuana For The First Time During The Offseason

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The NFL won’t drug test for THC in players from April 20 to Aug. 9. The new CBA that was passed last year includes a relaxed drug testing policy. The policy means that 2021 is the first year players can celebrate 4/20 without discipline from the NFL. The NFL opened its random drug test window on Tuesday, but this will be the first year the league doesn’t test for the chemical found in Marijuana.

Under the league’s new collective bargaining agreement (CBA), which was passed last year, players will not be tested for Delta 9 THC-carboxylic acid, which is the prominent chemical found in cannabis, from April 20 to Aug. 9.

The start date of April 20 coincides directly with the popular cult holiday 4/20, which is dedicated to celebrating marijuana. The holiday has become so popular among mainstream Americans in recent years that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer went so far as to call it “an unofficial American holiday” on Tuesday.

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Published: April 21, 2021

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