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New Poll Reveals Majority Of Californians Support Pot Shops In Their Communities

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When recreational weed became legal in California, it included provisions that gave local governments the power to bar pot shops. And according to reporting done by the Los Angeles Times, roughly three-fourths of all municipalities have done precisely that.

Yet despite the high number of localities that have prohibited cannabis retail, a new poll shows increasing support among residents for recreational cannabis. So much so, in fact, that the majority of all Californians now actively want pot shops in their cities.

The new data helps shed light on popular opinions regarding legal weed. And it could have implications for future cannabis legislation in the state.

New Poll Shows Growing Support for Legal Weed

The new stats come from a survey conducted by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies. The study was conducted specifically for the Los Angeles Times.

Specifically, the survey asked California residents a range of questions about legal weed. These questions included things like whether or not people think legal weed is a good thing. Similarly, the survey also asked respondents for their opinions about marijuana retail in their specific cities and towns.

After compiling and analyzing all responses, key findings from the survey include:

68 percent of all respondents said that legalizing the retail of recreational cannabis has been a “good thing.” Notably, that number is up from initial support for legalization back in 2016. At the time that legalization was passed by voters, 57 percent were in support of the change.

Source: https://hightimes.com/news/new-poll-reveals-majority-californians-support-pot-shops-their-communities/

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