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New Cannabis-related Trends You Should Look Forward To In 2021

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2020 has drastically changed every aspect of human life and that includes the Cannabis industry. For decades, marijuana enterprises has been fighting for legalization all over the world, and even in the US, the battle is still uphill.

Just like many industries, the cannabis trade is a volatile market, and so many aspects of it can change in one night. That’s why it is important to keep up with the undulation of the times to better position yourself to make a profitable business. 

Cannabis Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

With each passing year, the cannabis trade has been growing and constantly draws many consumers that it’s pretty hard to keep up with the demand and their preferences. As per the Inyo Las Vegas Dispensary, aside from the market behavior, one has to match the pace of new production methods to still be playing on its stage. So what are the trends telling us about?

Highest THC %  Produce Wins the Race

Just like mobile tech moguls with their high-end cameras and super slim phone models, cannabis consumers are now angling to experiencing more “high” with a lesser price tag on it. 

Brands, growers, and breeders have to find a way to keep people happy by increasing the THC strain on their products. To do this, they have to team up with innovative cultivators who can tweak up the strains in a cultivar to give it a higher sensation than what is found in the market but still has to keep it safe for its users. Pretty high standing order even to very talented cultivators out there.

COVID-19 Implications

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