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New Brunswick: Eight Proposals To Privatize Cannabis Sales - Latest Cannabis News Today

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FREDERICTON — The New Brunswick government has received eight responses to a request for proposals for the operation, distribution and sales of recreational cannabis in the province.

The government issued the call for proposals in November, saying that losses incurred by Cannabis NB — the provincial cannabis corporation — persuaded the government it was time to turn to the private sector.

Finance Minister Ernie Steeves says the interest shows entrepreneurs are ready to invest in New Brunswick.

The province received two proposals each from companies or groups in New Brunswick, Ontario, and Alberta and one each from companies in Nova Scotia and British Columbia.

The proposals will be evaluated in the coming weeks through a process that the province says will be overseen by a third-party fairness monitor.

This exercise could result in the announcement of a private operator this spring, with transition to the new delivery model later in the year.

Featured Image: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Stephen MacGillivray

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Source: https://cannabislifenetwork.com/new-brunswick-eight-proposals-to-privatize-cannabis-sales/

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