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Nc State Study Reveals Harvest Hero Has The Power To Produce Bigger, Bolder Cannabis

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NC State Study Reveals Harvest Hero Has the Power to Produce Bigger, Bolder Cannabis

Harvest Hero gives you increased bud, root, shoot, and stem weights, and higher cannabinoid yields.


April 30, 2021

Courtesy of Harvest Hero



Dedicated cannabis growers around the country have spent decades tweaking their grows to maximize appearance, fragrance, potency, and yield while minimizing risk. Unfortunately, a lack of a widely available, cannabis-specific growing media has often prevented the general public from replicating the successes they see from the professionals online and in magazines. 

Not anymore: The recent introduction of Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix, a newly launched soilless media formulated with a proprietary blend of perlite, diatomaceous earth, and essential nutrients, has changed the growing media landscape. This revolutionary new product supports the critical vegetative growth weeks by improving soil quality for increased production of flowering, development of terpene-rich aroma and flavor, and a robust yield.

Proven Results in the Fields, Labs, and Research Institutions

Whether you’re a #growyourown fanatic who cherishes the process of tending to your buds or you have cannabis growing down to a science to serve customers, you can always stand to grow bigger and bolder. Harvest Hero gets you there, and the science proves it.

In 2020, researchers at NC State embarked on a 100+ plant grow study containing Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix along with traditional cannabis mix test groups of Sunshine White Peat mixed with horticultural perlite at a ratio of 75/25. 

Source: https://hightimes.com/sponsored/harvest-hero-bigger-bolder-cannabis/

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