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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall €“ Which Is The Best Cbd Cosmetic Regulation Of Them All?

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall – Which Is The Best CBD Cosmetic Regulation Of Them All?

European regulators warm up to natural CBD in cosmetics as large regulatory changes begin to occur and take hold in the vertical if not beyond it.

February 22, 2021




There is no way to talk about the use of any kind of cannabis in Europe without running into a mouthful of long, number-delineated if not hyphenated directives. Cannabis Sativa L is, ultimately, a plant with many uses by humans. Every one of those applications, but particularly consumables, carries its own rules. 

The cosmetics space is no exception. 

There is good news though. Critical pieces of such regulation have now been changed over the last several months in the EU, and it will have a huge impact on the development of the vertical across the region.

The Changes Now In Effect In The EU – By The Book

Here is the official version of what just happened. Up until February 3, 2021, natural cannabidiol (CBD) was banned from use in cosmetics under the European Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009  per section 306 – Narcotics, natural and synthetic of Annex II. This is also known colloquially as the “CosIng Index” which requires products to contain a list of ingredients under their common names on the packaging label.

The first natural CBD listing in CosIng has now been added. 

Source: https://hightimes.com/culture/mirror-mirror-wall-which-best-cbd-cosmetic-regulation/

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