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Michigan: Cannabis Business Applicants Not Selected By Berkley File Suit Against City

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C & G News reports…

BERKLEY — Berkley is in the midst of a lawsuit involving how the municipality went about scoring businesses that had applied to operate a marijuana establishment in the city.

The city is being sued by at least 10 different businesses in two cases in the Oakland County Circuit Court. In one case, the businesses involved are Yellow Tail Ventures LLC, Oak Flint LLC, Nature’s Remedy and 123 Ventures. The other lawsuit involves Fire Farm LLC, Pure Life I, Pure Life Berkley II, Berkley Herbal Center, Pure Roots and GS Ashley LLC.

Last year, Berkley unveiled its process for businesses to apply for a license. By the city’s deadline, 30 businesses had applied.

The city reviewed each of the applications with its internal marijuana team:

City Manager Matt Baumgarten, Public Safety Director Matt Koehn, Community Development Director Erin Schlutow and Public Policy Assistant Daniel Hill, …..with each of the applicants hoping to be one of the three highest-scoring businesses that would move on in the process.

The top three scoring applicants were

Quality Roots Inc., Operation Grow and Attitude Wellness. The businesses were scored on more than a dozen different variables, such as if the application proposed the redevelopment of a vacant or underused building or property.

None of the businesses involved in either of the lawsuits were one of the three selected by the city of Berkley.

After the city revealed its scores in September, the selected businesses were to prepare for their site plan approval processes with the Planning Commission. In November, however, the lawsuits were filed to stop the entire process.

Source: https://cannabislaw.report/michigan-cannabis-business-applicants-not-selected-by-berkley-file-suit-against-city/

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