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Meet The Israeli-american Initiative That’s Cataloging Cannabis Research

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Meet the Israeli-American Initiative That’s Cataloging Cannabis Research

Sep 09, 2019

Alexander Beadle Science Writer

Cannabis research is an international endeavor which unites together scientists from almost every continent on the planet (sorry Antarctica) in pursuit of a common goal: working to better understand this incredibly complex plant. But cannabis science is also a fast-paced industry, meaning it can be difficult for this international network of researchers to stay on top the latest developments in their field.

Now, as a part of its mission to facilitate better international co-operation in cannabis research, the America Israel Cannabis Association (AICA) is trying to rectify this; by building a publicly available database that showcases the cannabis studies and clinical trials that are underway in Israel right now.

To find out more about the database, and why it might be useful to both researchers and investors in the industry, we spoke to AICA’s chief operating officer, Sara Gluck.


Leo Bear-McGuinness (LBM): Can you please explain what the America Israel Cannabis Association is? 

Sara Gluck (SG): That’s a great question. So, the America Israel Cannabis Association (AICA), is an organization whose mission is to facilitate collaboration between North American and Israeli cannabis professionals and companies.

We've pivoted a lot over the past few months. And what we've landed on is becoming a free resource for members in which we showcase brands and research companies – particularly in Israel and North America, though we don't necessarily discriminate.

Source: https://www.analyticalcannabis.com/articles/meet-the-israeli-american-initiative-thats-cataloging-cannabis-research-311889

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