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Measure To Legalize Marijuana In Mexico Falls Short In Big Ways

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Republished with permission from Microdose. 

Marijuana Measures Fall Short of Providing Free Development of Personality 

The crux of Rivera and his team’s demands are simple: to ensure the right to freely develop one’s personality, on equal terms as tobacco and alcohol. To do that, you need to end prohibition and discrimination in the system. In my interview with him, Rivera describes how the lack of free homegrown cultivation suggests these new laws are meant to support a big business instead of all of Mexico’s citizens who are asking for non profit cultivation that is free from unjustified limitations of differentiated treatment before the law.

Furthermore, Rivera adds that since possession isn’t “free” and requires one to have purchased their cannabis instead of being able to carry cannabis grown at home, that these measures are actually discriminatory. Finally, the measure completely lacks any and all efforts to provide reparations for those marginalized communities deeply affected by the drug war to begin with. In Rivera’s words, the government is simply “changing the address of prohibition”–and this simply isn’t enough.

Primero Derechos, Despues Mercado: “First Our Rights, Then the Market”

Source: https://www.greenmarketreport.com/measure-to-legalize-marijuana-in-mexico-falls-short-in-big-ways/

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