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Life Extension Technology And Cannabis Formulations

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Life Extension Technology And Cannabis Formulations

Written by: Kevin Fortin

During the last ten years, my career has focused on cannabis formulation patents.  As a patent attorney with three decades of experience, I am often asked what is the best cannabis formulation you have seen?  My short answer is, “There are many, and each is best.”  It just depends on what a person is looking to achieve. 

My longer response typically comes in the form of a question: “What do you want to achieve?”  I understand that one may wish to combat basil cell carcinoma, glioblastoma, dravet syndrome (i.e., childhood epilepsy), insomnia, manage pain, reduce inflammation, or stimulate the appetite.  Women sometimes need relief on a monthly basis. “My dog has lymphoma,” one person exclaimed after the question was asked.

Cannabis Research

In 2010 I remembered hearing of the famous professor from the University of Colorado named Dr. Bob Melamede.  While this molecular biologist and biochemist is famous for researching numerous aspects of Cannabis, I was enamored partly by his intellect and achievement and enamored fully by reports of his spry and energetic mode of operation.  This was at a time when most should have already retired.  How did he do it?  Was the cannabis usage extending his life and making him spry and youthful?

Source: https://hoban.law/2020/09/life-extension-technology-and-cannabis-formulations/

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