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Connecticut Opens Hemp Manufacturer Licensing

Applicants planning on manufacturing hemp products for human use in Connecticut must pay a $50 application fee and a $250 fee if approved for the two-year permit, according to the agency website. Applicants growing and processing hemp for industrial purposes and retailers do not need DCP licensing, but they do need a permit from the Department of Agriculture.  Read more


Hemp Growers, Processors Seek Better Regulatory Framework

When it comes to food or “health” products containing cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, the federal government is not keeping up with the marketplace, where sales of CBD products topped $500 million in 2018.  Read more


Leafwire Closes $1M Funding Round

“Leafwire was built to help alleviate some of these challenges – to provide a platform where business can share information, connect, support each other, collaborate, find employees and even find investors – all in a safe, cannabis-friendly environment where businesses don’t have to worry about being censored or having their pages shut-down on a whim.”  Read more


California Legislative Update: Several Key Cannabis Bills Still Hang In Balance

When the California Legislature returns from its summer recess in mid-August, it’ll face a monthlong sprint to get to all the bills remaining on its docket, including several that could have a significant impact on marijuana companies.  Read more


Will Kleidon Named Chairman of California Hemp Council

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