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Lack Of Access To Medical Marijuana And Cbd Is Cause For Concern

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The many layers of marijuana reform laws often hit those experiencing devastating illnesses particularly hard, especially given the fact that marijuana research is still stalled in the US.

Emily is an up and coming professional in the east coast, living with an invisible chronic illness that not only causes pain, but makes working 40 hours a week nearly impossible. The solution that Emily believes has saved her career, comes in the form of a vaping “pen” and THC. Living in a state without medical marijuana access, Emily feels torn. 

On one hand, she believes marijuana has helped her elevate her career by allowing her to show up to the office, but on the other, she lives in a constant fear that she describes as an entity slowly circling above her head. “There are days I don’t know how I could function without the help of my vaping pen,” Emily explains. “At some point, I might have to move, leaving my family to be able to have access to a drug that my lawmakers believe only harms me.” And Emily isn’t alone. 

Todd*, a 57-year old in Indiana recently shared his story about being a first-time cannabis user. After a debilitating illness, Todd experienced a severe reaction from a pharmaceutical medicine which caused pain that was almost intolerable. Todd tried cannabis as a last resort for the excruciating nerve pain and soon found it worked better than any alternative. 

Source: https://420intel.com/articles/2020/01/07/lack-access-medical-marijuana-and-cbd-cause-concern

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