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Injectable Cbd €œdrug” Pulled For Skipping Fda Approval Process

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There’s a running joke in the online cannabis community that kids are falling prey to “bong injections,” where they shoot up weed smoke like heroin. But as the cannabis industry becomes saturated with the same ol’ products that only differ in packaging, competition has gotten fierce, prompting one startup to develop an unconventional intravenous CBD product that’s now been recalled due to allegedly violating federal regulations.

On Thursday, the US FDA announced on Twitter that Biota Biosciences recalled its “Cannabidiol (CBD) Complex,” “Cannabidiol+Curcumin,” and “Curcumin Complex” products previously offered under the company’s Sterile Vial line. According to a cease-and-desist letter issued by the FDA in April, the company made unfounded medical claims on its products’ packaging, such as the products’ supposed efficacies for treating opioid addiction, auto-immune disorders, and chronic pain. The FDA also charged the company with failing to include instructions for safely injecting its CBD and herbal products.

Biota Biosciences Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Cannabidiol (CBD) Complex, Curcumin Complex, and Cannabidiol + Curcumin Injectables Because They Were Marketed Without FDA Approval https://t.co/hAYSW5IxDX pic.twitter.com/QxxoD8pCNI

— U.S. FDA Recalls (@FDArecalls) May 21, 2020

Federal law states that any product that claims to treat medical conditions is considered a drug. To legally market as a drug, the product must undergo stringent clinical trials that are approved by the FDA. Biota Biosciences did not subject its injectable CBD products to this process. 

Source: https://merryjane.com/news/injectable-cbd-drug-pulled-for-skipping-fda-approval-process

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