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Infographic: Ai & Robotics Enhance Cannabis Farming

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Infographic: AI & Robotics Enhance Cannabis Farming

Data Science isn’t new, but using it to grow hemp is. With the help of artficial intelligence and robotics, farmers are improving their growth results. By 2025, legal marijuana sales in the United States alone are expected to reach $23 billion. How are hemp farmers keeping up?

AI helps in a multitude of ways. For example, machine learning technology can run never ending background tests on crops and monitor growth pattern. AI can also find impurities stunting the hemp plant’s growth, such as mold.

Robots can lend a helping hand in production and operational tasks. Seedo can take pictures of hemp growth, collect information on ifs environment, and modify its growth treatment in real-time.

These are not the only technologies farmers are using to grow hemp. Find more information on the technology used to grow hemp in the infographic below.

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Source: https://cannabislaw.report/infographic-ai-robotics-enhance-cannabis-farming/

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