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If You Have A Letter From A Medical Provider, You Can Buy Cannabis In Utah

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If You Have a Letter From a Medical Provider, You Can Buy Cannabis in Utah

Medical cannabis is now more accessible to Utahns.

Starting Wednesday, qualifying patients will be able to get medical cannabis with cards from the Utah Department of Health and/or recommendation letters from medical providers.

Those with letters will be able to purchase medical cannabis until Dec. 31.

As Americans stock up on toilet paper and food to adjust to new restrictions on...

As the world finds itself engrossed in the largest public health crisis of our lifetimes...

I think it’s time someone wrote about marijuana and cerebral palsy....

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Source: https://www.cannabisculture.com/content/2020/03/25/if-you-have-a-letter-from-a-medical-provider-you-can-buy-cannabis-in-utah/

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