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Humboldt Has A Bunch Of State Money To Promote Equity In The Cannabis Industry. So Where Is It?

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A county infographic depicting ‘Project Trellis’ — its support program for the local cannabis industry, which includes the equity program.

Although Humboldt County has been awarded nearly $3.7 million in funding for its Cannabis Equity Program —  a state-funded local project designed to lift up communities disproportionately impacted by prohibition — residents of Humboldt County have yet to receive any of those funds.

That’s not entirely the county’s fault, however. Of the $3.7 million awarded to the county by the Bureau of Cannabis Control, the county has only received around $1.3 million in the first round of funding, with the other $2.4 million coming at a later date.

Humboldt received the $1.3 million in April, and the only money it’s spent so far has been on overhead. Scott Adair, economic development director for the county, that agency did not have strict criteria for how the funds should be used. Essentially, its only guidance was that the funds have to be spent in conjunction with the county’s equity program, and that funds must be used within a year.

“It has been frustratingly slow…. And we get it,” Adair told the Outpost. “People are anxious to get the funding out and we are too. Things are moving very quickly now and I just want to give my reassurances to the public that we are also equally interested in getting this funding out into the community as quickly as possible.”

So what’s the hold-up, you might ask?

Source: https://lacannabisnews.com/humboldt-has-a-bunch-of-state-money-to-promote-equity-in-the-cannabis-industry-so-where-is-it/

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