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How To Cut Costs And Make Your Cannabis Extraction Operation More Efficient

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How to cut costs and make your cannabis extraction operation more efficient

Published 2 hours ago | By Bart Schaneman

(This is the first installment in an ongoing series offering tips and advice for marijuana and hemp extraction companies.)

For cannabis extraction companies, becoming more efficient and more productive goes hand in hand with expansion and scaling up.

Marijuana extraction firms looking to cut costs and boost efficiencies can do so in several ways, including:

Adding automated solutions to extraction equipment. Sourcing high-quality starting material. Designing the facility to streamline the process and improve workflow.


Automating certain parts of the extraction process can dramatically reduce labor costs and increase throughput time.

At Copperstate Farms, a vertically integrated cannabis company in Snowflake, Arizona, Director of Extraction Zach Brown is using ethanol to produce bulk distillate.

The company is in the process of purchasing automation solutions for the extraction, filtration, solvent recovery and decarboxylation steps in the process.

“I anticipate as the industry continues to grow, automation will become more and more crucial,” Brown said.

For example, instead of using manually operated valves in the flow path, he’s added sensors and solenoid valves that decrease the amount of labor.

“Distillate is easy to scale and automate,” Brown said.

Aside from the labor saved with the technology, it creates a smooth workflow, avoiding making workers carry material from one stage to the next.

Source: https://mjbizdaily.com/how-to-cut-costs-and-make-your-cannabis-extraction-operation-more-efficient/

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