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Higher Profile: Morris Beegle, Founder, We Are For Better Alternatives € High Times

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Morris Beegle was born and raised on a farm in Loveland, Colorado. His parents encouraged his creativity, allowing him to choose whatever path his passions directed.

No stranger to cannabis culture, he partook of the herb at a young age, but didn’t really realize it as remedy until he needed it for chronic pain as an adult, after back surgery via shaving a herniated disk in 2001.

“They gave me opiates for pain control,” he shared. “Vicodin, Percocet – all washed down with alcohol. I was self-medicating with pills and alcohol for the pain, when I transitioned off the pharma for cannabis. The last time I took a Percocet was in 2010. Cannabis has given me more relief than chasing Vicodin with a bottle of wine.”

Morris Beegle manages his pain now with CBD products daily, including full-spectrum tincture and capsules, topping off with smoking, as needed. This entourage effect is most desirable for many patients, as smoking raises the efficacy of any other remedy you are dosing with, be it ingesting plant-based remedies or taking pharmaceuticals.

His business partner, Elizabeth Knight, hails from a 20-year career in sales and management. With her three acre parcel and a warehouse now hosting 360 plants, research and development is in progress to create products for industry and health and wellness. 

Beegle and Knight; Courtesy of Morris Beegle Music & Weed: It’s All Part of The Culture

Music became the place where Beegle’s entrepreneurial skills were honed, with a 30-plus-year career, founding Hapi Skratch Records in 1995; a one-stop distribution, manufacturing, and marketing hub.

Source: https://hightimes.com/culture/people/higher-profile-morris-beegle/

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