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From Under The Influence With Marijuana Man: New Decade, Same Shit...too Soon?!!!

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POT TV – Watch From Under The Influence with Marijuana Man LIVE every Wednesday at 4PM PT.

Today on the show: New Decade. Same shit.

Marijuana Man is LIVE in the PotTV studio. He reads the LIVE CHAT.

Marijuana Man is joined in studio by Mr Cookie, Rose, Vicky and Jodie Emery.

Cannabis, it’s uplifting.

Who’s in danger?

Who’s setting the prices?

Who rules the black market? Ganja.

Why are they growing under these conditions?

Was it always like this? What was weed like when you were a kid?

Dig your own Grand Canyon.

Show notes:

Adrian Raeside cartoon: Going underground for pot





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Source: https://www.pot.tv/video/2020/01/08/from-under-the-influence-with-marijuana-man-new-decade-same-shit-too-soon/

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