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From Under The Influence With Marijuana Man: It's The Chemdawg Days Of Summer!!!

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POT TV – Watch From Under The Influence with Marijuana Man LIVE every Wednesday at 4PM PT.

Today on the show: It’s the Chemdawg days of summer.

Marijuana Man is high atop the Cannabis Culture lounge in the PotTV studio.

All aboard the flavonoid highway.

They got both Johnsons!

Where’d all the heroin go?

Bring it on, Halifax!

If it won’t kill a party of metal detectorists, why are they still beeping people behind bars?

David Malmo Levine has history.

Show note:

Robbery at grow facility




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Source: https://www.pot.tv/video/2019/08/28/from-under-the-influence-with-marijuana-man-its-the-chemdawg-days-of-summer/

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