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Friday Book Club: The Cannabis Business Book

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Noemi Gonzales July 31, 2020 5min 34 0

“The Cannabis Business Book: How to Succeed in Weed According to 50 Industry Insiders” by Michael Zaytsev  

Have you ever wondered what kind of advice you could receive if you had the opportunity to interview 50 of the top entrepreneurial spirits in the cannabis industry?

You need not wonder any longer as author Michael Zaytsev has already done you the solid of putting together this compendium of advice gathered directly from some fantastic fonts of information already producing potent results in the cannabis industry.

Piqued your interest yet? Alright, let’s get into it then!

-Topic Focus-

The number of books that discuss the business side of cannabis is finally beginning to increase but not many can boast containing advice pulled directly from people who are already considered to be successful in the world of cannabis and cannabis products.

Author Michael Zaytsev brings to the table information regarding the proper mindsets for entrepreneurs in the cannabis space, exactly why the cannabis industry is unique, ways to build money in the cannabis game, the most common mistakes made in this niche, and so much more.

In this book, you will find powerful advice from prominent cannabis figures such as Danny Danko, Steven DeAngelo, Emily Paxhia, Shanel Linsday, and many more. The concentration of expertise here is impressive.

–About the Author–

Author Michael Zaytsev has a dedicated and diverse background in the world of cannabis ranging from founding The New York City Cannabis Film Festival, The Cannabis Media Lab, and is also the creator of High NY, one of the most extensive cannabis Meetups on the planet.

Source: https://www.greenmarketreport.com/friday-book-club-the-cannabis-business-book/

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