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Former Nfl Player: €cannabis Saved My Life’

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Former NFL Player: ‘Cannabis Saved My Life’

2019-09-09 TSI Reporter The Seed Investor

Over the past decade, medical science has been gradually replacing cannabis fiction with cannabis fact. We now know that cannabis is a potent therapy for (among other things) pain relief and the treatment of neurological disorders.

Apart from military veterans, no occupation produces more chronic pain issues and neurological issues (concussion related) than being a professional football player. The popularity of cannabis as a medicinal therapy has been growing rapidly – among both former and current players.

The push for the NFL to reform its cannabis drug policy has gone from a whisper to a clamor. In advocating for reform, no former or current player is more emphatic than former offensive lineman, Kyle Turley.

Turley was frank when speaking to the LA Times for  

“Everyone knows this game is brutal. Cannabis saved my life, period, and it could help a lot of other players.”

. Turley spent 8 years as an offensive lineman, taking a relentless pounding during games and even practices. Where was Turley’s health at when he left the game after 8 seasons?   Reduced to walking with a cane, facing bouts of depression and rage, he tried cannabis and saw rapid improvement. He eventually became involved in selling CBD supplements.

. Turley is far from alone. Former New England Patriots star, Rob Gronkowski was similarly unequivocal about the value of cannabis as a medicinal therapy. “It would have made a huge difference in my pain management during my career.”


Source: https://theseedinvestor.com/cannabis-news/former-nfl-player-cannabis-saved-my-life

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