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Exclusive Webcast: Village Farms Ceo Talks Branding, Strategy For Marijuana

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Exclusive Webcast: Village Farms CEO talks branding, strategy for marijuana

Published 49 mins ago

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Village Farms is counting on its 30-plus years of experience in megascale, low-cost product growing to give it a leg up as it shifts focus to the Canadian cannabis and U.S. hemp markets.

In an Executive Webcast on Oct. 8 at 2 p.m. ET, CEO Michael DeGiglio will join Investor Intelligence Analyst Craig Behnke to discuss:

The company’s 3-5 year vision for the cannabis industry. The journey up the value chain, from cultivation to branding. How and where the business plans to expand. This Executive Webcast is an exclusive part of MJBizDaily’s Investor Intelligence premium subscription. Learn more and register here.

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