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Does White Ash Equal Quality Marijuana? Leafly Asked The Experts

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Does white ash equal quality cannabis? Leafly asked the experts

Joints burn to white ash easier than cannabis flowers smoked in a pipe. (Leafly)

We’re probably all familiar with the belief that cannabis flower burning to “white ash” indicates it was grown right or is otherwise good bud. Similarly, we likely all know the old-school belief that holding in a hit gets you higher (“if you cough you don’t get off”), which was disproved by research over 30 years ago.

So if the long-held belief that holding in hits gets you higher is not true, yet persists, what about white ash?

Is there something about bud that burns to white that makes it better than bud that burns to black?

Leafly reached out to a team of cannabis experts, researchers, growers, and patients to try and ascertain what truth is behind the beliefs around white ash.

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Common white ash theories

Before turning to the experts, Leafly wanted to see what folks were saying on social media about the white vs. black ash debate.

We saw three main responses:

People who felt a growing step called “flushing” was the cause of white ash and a sign of good bud; people who felt it was a measure of moisture in the bud (too moist bud = black ash); and people critical of the entire premise. “A properly grown bud flushed of nutrients with water for the last 10 days of growth will give you a white ash when the bowl is cashed,” said Jake Sassaman.

“I used to think that was the case, but I have come to learn that it may not be indicative, actually, of residual salts, completed cure, or otherwise,” said Demetrius Daniels.

Source: https://www.leafly.com/news/lifestyle/white-ash-marijuana-debate

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