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Delaware State University Receives Federal Grant For Hemp Research

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Delaware State University Receives Federal Grant for Hemp Research

2020-09-14 TG Branfalt Granjapreneur

Delaware State University has received a $591,628 grant from the National Science Foundation for hemp research. The endowment will allow undergraduates to participate in the university’s College of Agriculture, Science and Technology hemp research program. The project, called the “Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs) Hemp Initiative Project,” will be interdisciplinary, involving university science disciplines.

According to the university, chemistry students participating in the program will investigate extraction techniques for the desired end-use of hemp products and biofuel feedstock. Biological sciences students will be engaged in cancer research, investigating the conditions under which CBDinduces cell death versus when cells are protected against cell-damaging stressors. Read More


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Source: https://theseedinvestor.com/cannabis-news/delaware-state-university-receives-federal-grant-for-hemp-research

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