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What’s New With Cannabis Stocks For The Week Ending 04/30/21 €“ New Cannabis Ventures

Model Portfolios 420 Investor offers three model portfolios for subscribers, including two that are long-term focused invested with goal of beating Global Cannabis Stock Index, 420 Opportunity and 420 Quality 420 Opportunity ended the week valued…

Legal Marijuana Has Strong Support In Louisiana Polls—including One Commissioned By Top Gop Lawmaker

two new polls, show that majority of voters are favor of the broadest proposal legalizing cannabis for adult use.. The first survey, released on Thursday by University of New Orleans, found that 55 percent of state voters back legalizing marijuana…

Lawmakers Push Fed Protections For State Cannabis Laws (newsletter: April 30, 2021)

bipartisan group of dozens of members of Congress sent letter to key House committee leaders calling for federal protections for all state, territory and marijuana laws to be included in upcoming must-pass spending bill... The Texas House of…