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How To Protect Your Rights And Ownership Stake In Cannabis Business Partnerships

In some cases, the agreement will dictate that minority shareholders receive their shares in the company on vesting schedule, meaning the shareholder does not realize the full rights and benefits of the shares such as remaining with the business…

Vireo Health Expands Ground Cannabis Flower In New York, Offers Largest Selection Of Ground Flower At Any New York Dispensary €“ New Cannabis Ventures

NEW YORK,  April 29, 2021  PRNewswire —   Vireo Health International, Inc (. Company ), the science-focused, multi-state cannabis company, today announced the launch of Company's first line of ground medical cannabis in New York. The new line of…

Feds Would Learn From States That Have Already Legalized Marijuana Under New Bipartisan Bills In Congress

coalition of lawmakers on Thursday introduced legislation aimed at learning from the states that have already enacted the policy change.. Sylvia Garcia and Don Young — would require several federal agencies to enter partnership with National…