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Quebec Raising Legal Age For Cannabis To 21 But Policy Experts Warn Law Won’t Have Intended Effect - Montreal

Quebecers under the age of 21 wo not be able to buy or possess recreational cannabis as of Wednesday, ushering in the toughest age restrictions in the country since pot was legalized 14 months ago.. The Coalition Avenir Québec government passed in…

5 Leading Publicly Traded Cannabis Companies Report Substantial Revenue In December € New Cannabis Ventures

Companies must file with SEC or SEDAR to be considered for inclusion. Please note that we raised the minimum quarterly May from US$2.5 million and from US$5.0 October. 45 companies qualify for inclusion, with 29 filing U.S dollars and in Canadian…

Tucker Carlson Calls John Boehner A 'pig' For His 'disgusting' Marijuana Work

In interview with media outlet on Saturday, Fox News host blasted Boehner for transitioning from Congress to, in TV talker's view, making bank at the expense of America's children... In October of that year, Boehner teamed up with National…

Mitch Mcconnell's Cannabis Journey, According To Rand Paul (newsletter: December 31, 2019)

Customs and Border Protection's Chicago Field Office posted video on Twitter explaining how the agency will handle marijuana coming into the country at Chicago O'Hare International Airport... Florida House of Representatives filed request with…