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Council Faces Initiative Which Could Legalize Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries, Conflicts With Current Ordinances

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Council Faces Initiative Which Could Legalize Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries, Conflicts with Current Ordinances

Here’s the full report. an interesting conundrum indeed.


Under California’s election laws, the Pasadena City Council only has two options tonight when it comes to taking action on an initiative that would throw a wrench into the City’s complex, voter-approved commercial cannabis ordinances.

The Council can either vote the initiative into law or vote to place it on the March 2020 ballot for residents to decide.

But, according to a city staff analysis, the Council separately can also craft its own measure for voters which would soften the initiative’s impact upon the current commercial cannabis process

“It would,” the report told the Council, “ be advisable to draft a measure that directly conflicts with the proposed measure.”

The newly qualified proposed ballot measure would allow retailers who previously operated in violation of the Pasadena Municipal Code to temporarily continue operations without going though the current permitting process and without having to comply with any of the City’s current distance requirements.

The measure would allow at least 18 more cannabis retailers to operate in Pasadena legally, and at locations other than those approved by the voters when Measure CC was passed.

The City’s Measure CC, approved by the voters last year, currently restricts the number of cannabis retailers to six—one per Council district—and sets distance requirements from certain sensitive uses, such as homes, churches and schools.

No legal cannabis retail shops have officially opened yet, but the proposed ballot initiative, if successful, could dramatically alter the City’s cannabis retailer landscape.

Source: https://cannabislaw.report/council-faces-initiative-which-could-legalize-illegal-marijuana-dispensaries-conflicts-with-current-ordinances/

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