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Could Covid-19 Crisis Interrupt Canada's Cbd Supply?

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CANNABIS CULTURE – With the use of CBD oil growing for a wide variety of conditions, many are wondering if they’ll be able to continue getting their product throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

This could set back the Canadian cannabis market which just recently began to overcome already existing shortages. Unfortunately, these shortages seem to still remain a problem, with most producers focusing on high-THC flowers and oil. So, with the coronavirus continuing to spread, should you stock up on CBD oil before shortages get worse?

How the Coronavirus Could Slow Production of CBD Oil

The primary way the coronavirus could slow the production of CBD oil is through disruptions in the supply chain required to produce CBD oil. One of the most obvious disruptions in the CBD oil supply chain is the hemp plants themselves. As of 2017, China was responsible for about one-third of the entire global hemp market. The coronavirus outbreak will cause disruptions in the domestic production of CBD oil that relies on hemp from China.

These same issues could present themselves with CBD oil itself as well. In 2016, China built the largest CBD extraction facility. Facilities like these help support the overall Canadian CBD oil market. In 2018, Canada imported nearly fifty kilograms of CBD products for medical or scientific purposes growing from thirty kilograms in 2017. This growth in importing CBD products only seems to be growing throughout 2019 and into 2020. However, with the restrictions and shutdowns caused by the coronavirus, these imports could experience severe disruptions that would cause further shortages of CBD oil throughout Canada.

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Source: https://www.cannabisculture.com/content/2020/03/25/could-covid-19-crisis-interrupt-canadas-cbd-supply/

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